Private Love Nest Hotels First of its kind in South Africa


Introducing the Love Nest Hotels :     (name can be change by the investors)   How I was explaining at the end of the video, these hotels will save lives not only by promoting ‘Safe Sex’ & preventing STD’s because the best protection for her and him will be available in the bedrooms, the Hotels will save so many couples livelihood preventing them for having children without been planning about it before, even saving girls that did not finish yet the University for having a child by accident and have to drop out to take care of the baby. And don’t forget about how many young men would like to take the girlfriends to an amazing place without been expose to the crime in South Africa, imagine if they stop in a parking or other dark place to just kiss each other and a car stop next to them and hijack them or worst. I consider these hotels the “best investment of the year” because not only the above but because they will never go bankrupt & are going to take South Africa by storm & the demand for these hotels will grow exponentially that’s why I want to build them & run them as they will become a chain of Hotels in the biggest cities in South Africa in short time, JHB east, JHB north, Pretoria , Cape Town, Durban. The investors could even sale them as a franchise after I prove to them how much money they can make in a small period of time; I’m asking for 15 millions, I know is a lot but considering this will be the first hotel in South Africa of its kind & that first impressions last the first hotel must be perfect and perfection don’t come cheap that’s why the 15million tag. Even if we start with 10 bedrooms, but they will be the most amazing bedrooms ever seen in South Africa.  Talking about money; I’m even considering installing some slot machines in the rooms, couples that can’t sleep can have other kind of fun. Every couple will enjoy a nice and intimate moment in the most, modern, beautiful, sexy bedrooms ever build in South Africa with a 5 star service, that include one of many complementary services: if any couple doesn’t feel well to drive back, me or the assistant manager will take them to their home in his own car & returning using ‘UBER’. All our customers will pay via EFT or Credit Card. With some good marketing speed and great customer service that are much more important than a patent protection; If someone wants to try to rip my idea off, they will. But if I have a established a good & powerful brand and supported it with outstanding customer service, they are going to have a much more difficult time succeeding; As soon the first blue prints of the building are done we will patent it, so no one can build a same or similar building in South Africa as the building design is the key to success for the “Love Nest Private Hotels”. I will only show the building designs to the Investors after sign all the non disclosures documents…………                           Prices proyected for South Africa= (X) ( 1.5)

                                      Per Hour         Morning         Night     Night Frid to Ssat        5243616 minimum profit a year
Promotions                     R436.5       666            740            893
Standard with full fridge             R488         724            783            936        year revenue= 936*3*4*12= 134784  *3= 404352
Special                                R551          848            936            1066      year revenue=1066*3*4*12=153504  *3= 460512
Special with Jacuzzi           R616          913           1057          1289      year revenue=1289*3*4*12=185616*3= 556848
Passion of Colours             R648           956           1100          1350      year revenue=1350*3*4*12=194400*3=583200
Luxurious with Jacuzzi     R670          1050        1269          1428       year revenue=1428*3*4*12=205632*3=616896  total=1747872*3= R5243616 with only 10 rooms .

On the weekends the hotel will be fully book all day during the week after 20:00 will be full and during the week before 20:00 it will be busy but not full; if we make the numbers the investors will have the inversion back in less than 3years. Let’s not forget no one in South Africa knows how to work or run these hotels, as they work completely different than any other hotel, that’s why I don’t mind showing my idea on TV; Anyone is welcome to waste millions trying to copy my Idea, but when I make the hotels with my specs, ideas & hard work the only customers the others hotels will have are the ones that could not get into my hotel. I can speak, write and understand Spanish and Italian, Portuguese I just understand, that’s why we welcome people from all over the world. Outside every hotel will be a ‘Helipad’ for emergencies   & receiving VIP’s .  Not building these Hotels will be a “Sin”.                                              Kind Regards:                                           Diego Singer

PS : I’m willing to work with anyone to make this Hotels a real success.

My Contact details are: E-Mail:          Cell: 0714529192


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